The unmistakable voice of the band Kashbad and Fermin Muguruza’s accompanist in the tours of the band Fermin Muguruza Dub Manifest released her own album at the end of October. Sorkun has created a band in which she has given shape to songs that came from sketches created with different musicians such as Xabi Strubell (dut), Gorka Sesma (Kashbad), or even Fermin Muguruza. In this band we can find Kanda and Atxus (bass player and guitarist in the band Neubat from Gasteiz), Home (drummer in Exale) and Iker2 (Atomoog) in charge of programming. In the recording, mixing and production we also find two well-known people: Carlos Osinaga (Lisabö) and Haritz Harreguy (Sen).