is a musician with international projection, first with his bands Kortatu and Negu Gorriak, and later on his own. He began making documentaries in 2006, the year in which he founded his own music and film production company TALKA RECORDS & FILMS, in which he has worked as director, screenwriter, producer and creator of Original Soundtracks.

He has been awarded for “Checkpoint Rock” at the Amal Festival in Galicia as best documentary (2009), at the In-Edit Festival in Barcelona as best documentary for the series “Next Music Station” (2011), special mention at the Krafta Doc International – Art Making Film Festival from Glasgow for « NOLA ? » (2016) and best animated film at the Monterrey International Festival for « Black is Beltza » (2019), and for the best sound design for the same film at the Quirino Festival of Ibero-American animation (2019).

Photo: Ricardo Rubio