There is no revolution without songs!

After the disappearance of the independent record companies Esan Ozenki (1991-2001) and Metak-Kontrakalea (2002-2005) where Fermín Muguruza was manager, in 2006, along with Jona Unanua, production director, he decided to set up a new platform in order to release his own musical and cinema work. 2006 saw the simultaneous release of the record that he made in the Tuff Gong studios in Kingston, “Euskal Herria Jamaika Clash” and the documentary about the Jamaican experience and the vital connection with his musical career, “Bass-que Culture”. Since then, Talka Records and Films has released the records created or produced by Fermín Muguruza, and also the films that he directs or works on as assistant director.

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En el mundo del cine, son muy necesarias las productoras ya que, sin ellas, muy poca gente podría contar sus historias a través del cine. Talka Records & Films ha conseguido trasmitir muchas de esas aventuras con una calidad increíble y además, generando un ambiente de trabajo muy confortable para los profesionales.

Photo: Ikor Kotx, 28th of September of 2018, San Sebastian International Film Festival