Luca Lombardo aka Rude is a fundamental part of the Bologna music scene. Born in 1964 into a family of Sicilian emigrants, Rude grew up between Germany and England and today lives in Italy, immersed in music since 1984. Rude’s project was born in 1995 after the dissolution of Ghetto 84, a punk rock group also from Bologna, who mixed some incendiary live shows with dub and rap. Ghetto 84’s only album “A denti stretti” (Gridalo Forte Records) was published in 1996, it sold 2,500 copies; Today it is out of print, but it helped Rude become known thanks to the strength of those performances. In 1996 Rude began his career as a DJ, playing in different clubs in Bologna, promoting dance hall and drum’bass mixed with his passion for regae, ragga, breakbeat… He spent a year in Paris and London; He acquires a sampler and percussion machines and comes into contact with people like ADF, Mano Negra, Roni Size, Congo Natty… Back in Italy he dedicates himself to deepening his project. In 1997, through Banda Bassotti, he met Kaki Arkarazo from Negu Gorriak (one of Rude’s favorite groups) and recorded his first solo work with him. A raw fusion of dub, breaks and punk with lyrics based on reality. The CD was recorded and mixed in the Basque Country with Kaki Arkarazo and Bubu (first guitarist of Ghetto 84) and received very good reviews in Europe. From 1998 to 1999, Rude performed as a DJ in different clubs and squats becoming the most loved and respected reggae DJ in Bologna; He also performed in Jamaica on more than one occasion, something strange for a European DJ. His usual club, Sottotetto, has become one of the best-known dance spots in Italy, and people from all over northern Italy come to Rude’s shows. In 2000, he dedicated himself to working with young Italian bands that he remixed (3mende, Melanzana, Neffa…) and published the song in the compilation ‘»Free Mumia Abu-Jamal» edited by Esan Ozenki-Gora Herriak (2000). «Resistance Dub». ‘”Barriobeat”, this album that we now present to you, was born in 2001, after listening to new songs by his friend Fermin Muguruza. Rude begins to mix old ska songs with breakbeats, jungle with sounds from dub… cumbia with electronics… These recording sessions are carried out in secret – due to Rude’s problems with the law – and with the help of his friends Pekos in the programming and percussion and Jama on guitar and bass. In 2002 he collaborated singing with Banda Bassotti “Arbetsloose march”, a beautiful song of struggle and hope from the Jewish ghetto, for the international solidarity compilation “This is my life”. Meanwhile Rude continues to develop his music, uniting drum’n’bass and angry street poetry as he did in the film “Quanti Siamo..?” of Enza Negroni, whom he seduced by the dry and angry hi-fi sound and by the melodic style of his rage. So much so that he asked him to score the entire film. In 2003 Rude collaborated with Fermin Muguruza on the extraordinary album ln-komunikazioa. In the summer of the same year he joined the Italian tour of Jai Alai Katumbi Express covering the song Mr Bobby by Manu Chao. This version has been included in the work “Barriobeat.” In 2004, he collaborated in Barcelona with La Kinky Beat and finished his album “Barriobeat.” As he calls it, this is “bastard music”, all the music of the street, of the city, mixed together. Don’t call it “world music”, this is street music, drum & bass, skunk, latin-break beats… mixed with grace. Now Rude is currently on tour. MC and samplers with the best live show in Italy: Roy Paci & Aretuska. Sound agitator from Bologna. Breakbeat, latin breaks &

bassline pressure!!

Rude Hi-Fi - Barriobeat