Known for her many appearences in live concerts or in collaborations in recording studios (in the past with Etsaiak and more recently with Fermin Muguruza). This is the debut in solitary of the Basque-speaking woman from Equatorial Guinea. She renovates the Basque musical scene with electronics, soul and r’n’b and other nuances led by a voice that will trap you from the very first time you hear it. Afrika Bibang has much experience as a singer in live concerts. She has sang choruses with such Basque bands as Etsaiak, Ke Rule and Keu among others. Between 2001 and 2003 she has taken part in different kinds of musical projects like acting in nightclubs together with well-known DJs (DJ Oliver, Sebastián Gamboa, or DJ Pipi among others) and as the vocals in the live house band “Rudo & Friends Sound System”, with which she made more than 30 concerts in 2003 in several house concert halls in Bilbao, Iruñea, Gasteiz, Gijón, Biarritz, Barcelona, Vigo or Malaga. After several collaborations with Fermin Muguruza, and due to his insistence in her recording a solo album, she began to work with the guitarist of the band “Rudo & Friends Sound System”, Israel Monzonillo, and the producer and composer Ernesto Maestro in the summer 2003 in the sketches that formed the demo they presented to Fermin in November 2003. Fermin took upon himself the recording of the new album in collaboration with the recording company Metak, and for two months they worked in the final changes of the album to begin recording on the 22nd of March, 2004 in Garate Studios, with Kaki Arkarazo as sound engineer. The album will be released at the beginning of May. This album tries to brake up with the distorted rock and folk stereotypes of Basque music and to make a more carefully worked music with a soul, jazz, and R&B; touch, partly due to the different influences of Afrika and the producers Israel and Ernesto. The collaborations in this album go from Jon Urrutia’s Latin pianos, Borja Barrueta’s drums (now drum player with Carmen Paris), Gorka Escauriaza’s funky basses, Travis Flint’s scratches and Sorkun’s voice to Fermin’s participation as well as some of the components’ of his Kontrabanda.