The group Wemean was formed in February 1993 and, by June of that same year, they won first prize at a local music festival. In 1994, Wemean was already considered one of the best emerging combos on the Swiss rock scene and, in September 1995, they went on tour through Germany accompanying Negu Gorriak. That same year, inspired by the full self-management promoted by the Esan Ozenki label (the record company of the Basque group Negu Gorriak), the Swiss band would also create their own label, The Label, to be able to release their debut in their own style. Thus, in February 1996, the band Wemean traveled to the Basque Country (Europe) to begin recording their first album, “Wemean” (1996), at the IZ studios (Donostia/San Sebastián). Without a doubt, an album with eleven songs as fascinating and energetic as “Stop the panic!”, “Why?” or “Faida.”