1. Fermin Muguruza
    Asthmatic Lion Sound Systema

    Asthmatic Lion Sound Systema

  2. Talka020CD CD

    Our special news reporter in Babel has returned, surfing the waves of uncertainty. He travels to every geographical crossroad of the world in search of the air that his lungs need so desperately to tell us about battles that are not mentioned on maps. Bartleby 'would prefer not to', but the Irundarra sure feels the need to do it. Fermin the determined one, always on the ready to lend a helping hand to Sisyphus as he rolls his rock ceaselessly to the top of the mountain. He is not only the lion, he is the shark that will die if he ever stops moving. Without missing a beat, he crosses the Atlantic Ocean to the Americas in search of the singers of the past. No sooner has he returned than he tramples on the embers of the old continent to fan the flames which have been dying off slowly because of people's apathy. Fermin the tireless one, who won't have it any other way but to scream it like it is. More Mediterranean than Basque, he is the man behind words that come and go and travel from rainy valleys to sunny streets. He is the gatherer of voices; those which resonate from the icy confines of the empire to the neon lights of the capital of the Universe. Centuries pass by. In the big Babylon, the government is still a sham. Dreams disappear because there are no more to be had, and yet the future is the one thing that remains to be written. As such, there will always be someone reminding anyone who cares to listen that yesterday's ideals will never be silenced. The message broadcast during the red winter remains the one that guides the asthmatic lion every step of the way. The man is fascism's public enemy number one. Respect, Sir Vasili. Do you remember? Yes, a pang of melancholy: who could not help it? Fermin the tightrope walker, who dances on the rope where all the elementary particles interlock: hip hop, reggae, soul... Here comes the shark that mends people's souls so that a global party can be had, the kind where every language of the world is spoken. Fermin, the asthmatic MC who learns to breathe under the waves of rhythm so that other voices can be heard and pass on the message, beyond this feeling of uncertainty that is suffocating all of us.

    Xavier Cervantes

    01 Balazalak
    02 Shoot the singer
    03 Iragarkien tartea
    04 Ezin ihesi Berlin
    05 Itzuliko naiz
    06 Asthmatic Lion
    07 Simulakroa
    08 Loturak
    09 Ez sailkatu
    10 Hau Dena
    11 I come from
    12 Milaka bilaka


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