1. Fermin Muguruza
    Afro-Basque Fire Brigade - Tour 2007

    Afro-Basque Fire Brigade - Tour 2007

  2. Talka016 DVD

    Learning to fly
    [Fer Apoa]
    Dedicated to all my pals in this unforgettable journey.

    I like airports. They're places where people come and go. Spaces full of life, places full of lives, dreams and stories that intertwine, brushing pass, touching, meeting and fading. Brief moments, odd glances, impossible languages and incredible people. As life itself, something incredible. Life, like a flight in itself that takes us off and carries us to the unknown crossing red and grey oceans of clouds, flying through feather woods, crossing distant horizons and finally landing on enormous dance floors. Sitting in front of the enormous glass window that connects me to the world, I watch the propellers spinning, the nightmares evaporating in an infinitive sky, the dreams stealthily approaching towards my sky as I also see in the far distance the white wake of immigrants canoes leaving behind the confusable waves of the ocean, and the orange glow of the not too distant wars, and I think to myself how others haven't had the same luck as I. The luck to have made this journey. I wish to invert the world. To turn it around. To make the dirty globe we live in, be a great airport full of free men and women, without frontiers, without immigration controls, without worried watchful eyes blinded in fear and without uniforms armed with laws and hate. Yes, I do like airports, they're points of escape, reunion and meetings, of dreams and fantasy. Of future. Cities of anonymity and silent awakening. Cathedrals raised in honour of human beings, for a tomorrow without God. Without Gods. There's nobody up there, only ourselves by ourselves. And that's enough. The rest, a life in solitude, just like an enormous waiting room in a hospital so, I think I'll move into an airport, and forgive me Toño and Jaione, my friends along with the rest of my neighbours in Amute. But it's just that...I've lost my fear to fly. The best comes now. The best is about to come. Health and good journey my friends!

    Fer Apoa


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