1. Fermin Muguruza
    Brigadistak Sound System

    Brigadistak Sound System

  2. EO150CD CD

    I've travelled a lot and wherever I go I find traces of Fermin. Sometimes it was the name of one of his groups furiously graffitied on the wall, at other times it was an echo of rebellion from one of his songs and at others, just a pure roar. But, almost always it was that multiple mark left by the music, by the ideology therein or even by the person who wrote it. In Mexico I found ska groups who blamed everything on Kortatu (who were Laurel Aitken, The Specials, The Skatelites or Desmond Dekker?). In Paris I saw the `X´ made by those crossed hatchets on the gear and, more importantly, in the mind! - of a great band, now clandestine. In Cuba I perceived the importance of Fermin`s last visit with Dut, the importance for the rock of many who owe more to the teachings of Che than to those of the Stones. I could talk of traces in The USA, in Venezuela or in Argentina: Everywhere I found CD's by Kortatu, Negu Gorriak, Fermín Muguruza eta Dut or just by Fermín himself, and everywhere I found people who believed in them. They were people who, more often than not, talked of changing things, of revolution, of justice, of fighting back. Hardly any knew more than a couple of words or expressions in Basque and this didn't really surprise me: there is no other way out except to understand that which encapsulates the truth. Every one of us can be and - this is how it feels &endash; everyone should be internationalist, at the same time, fighting for their own culture. This is exactly what "Brigadistak sound system" is all about, from head to toe, >from north to south, from east to west. One fine day the links of understanding between Irun and the world were forged and today we can see the fruit of that work Fermin has also travelled a lot and has made many friends with his music. And, precisely with the help of all of these, he has now brought out a disc that reflects internationalism and which sounds like a trip around the world with stops in Paris, Havana, Caracas, Rome, Buenos Aires, Los Angeles, Barcelona, Biarritz, London and Azkarate. The vehicle: reggae, >from its primary roots to its contemporary evolved state -jungle- with the obligatory ska revelries, demands set in a ragga context, even a dub by the numero uno Mad Professor on the theme that opens and closes the CD, Urrun. Fermin starts up with some Italian brothers from the Banda Bassotti and continues with the crashing metal of Desorden Público (the best ska in Latin America) and joins up with vocals from Angelo Moore (Fishbone). Xabi Pery and Tom Darnal (the legend behind P18) programmed the whole thing. Tijuana No and Aztlan Underground gave their different visions of the same energetic, hard and fast musical frontier. The vision of a great friend lost in the century, Manu Chao. The vibrance of Amparanoia. The vigour of the Hechos Contra el Decoro. Inadaptats and Parabellum. And as always, of course, the fellow-travellers of Iñigo Muguruza and Kaki Arkarazo (the engineer for the greater part of the disc). And the wind and percussion instruments of the timbera brigade &endash; the legendary Van Van! And the dub-connection of Todos Tus Muertos/Lumumba. And the ragga of Spartak Dub International. A never-ending list of friends and soul-buddies whose name forms an essential part of that furious graffiti, of that rebellious echo, of that roar which provides the blast that may shatter the speakers of the Brigadistak Sound System.Let it roar!

    Bruno Galindo. Madrid

    01 Urrun
    02 Hitza har dezagun
    03 Newroz
    04 Puzka
    05 Harria
    06 Lagun nazakezu
    07 Eguraldi lainotsua hiriburuan
    08 Maputxe
    09 Brigadistak
    10 Oasiko erregina
    11 54-46
    12 Ari du hotza
    13 Nazio ibiltaria naiz
    14 Urrun Dub


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